November 5, 2006


topic of science: evolution

Lets investigate a topic of Science: Evolution!

Off topic: I just saw a really great movie named I [Heart] Huckabees. It had a great cast and the acting was superb.

Back to topic, kind of: I look at my hand and for a moment it looks kind of like a dinosaur foot. My fingernails look like miniature versions of the nails of a stegosaurus hoof. When I was five years old, I would have loved to feel that way. I heard on NPR recently that all life has somewhere between 97 and 99 percent shared DNA. That might not be true, I was driving and trying to find a place with a poorly drawn map, so my attention was kind of focused on that. So if I heard right that means that all life is made of very similar building blocks, and the blueprints we are designed with are all very similar. It's an interesting thought that this human body I understand as my self, in which resides my consiciousness, is based on a design that has evolved, and a design that is similar to the design of a stegosaurus. Evolution doesn't really explain why there is life in the first place.

Recently I just can't stop thinking about this question: What is God? Really? I have an idea that people are the creative self-reflective manifestation of God's awareness. So basically when you look in the mirror, you are looking at one of the many faces of God. Then it occurred to me that some people might have a problem with that concept because they would think to themselves: Hey, I'm not god. And I had an interesting thought: what would it feel like for god to realize that god was god? How would if feel for God to be self-aware. I was driving in my car and I thgouht to myself: I am real, this is amazing! What is the difference between me and God? What am I in relation to God? What is the difference between me and everything else, the universe, my loved ones? This feeling I guess is foundation of the isolated nature of humanity, that basic existential feeling, separateness.

Buddhists preach that all things are interconnected, and that there is no such thing as nothingness. Or maybe it was that nothinglness is everything. That's what I think they said. Just thought I'd throw that in there, I think it's relevant. The tree is not the tree, and the tree is also the sun, and so on.

Man, I [Heart] Huckabees was awesome!