November 13, 2006


Topic: Roadtrip

Yesterday I got home from a road trip threw the mountains of North Carolina for some corporate like training (including a ropes course), and then to Asheville, NC for a film festival as a side trip.

The roads I took to get to Highlands, NC included about an hour and a half of constant hair-pin turns weaving up into the mountains. Oddly, the passengers I brought with me seemed a little incensed when I said that the roads were more fun than driving in a video game. when we finally got there, the welcome sign said: “welcome to Highlands, elevation 4118 ft.” It was pretty high, and there was a great view of other mountains. The Film Festival was pretty amazing, and I came away from the experience with one prevailing thought: Why hadn't I done this before? This made so much sense for me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love movies. I got to see movies that were made by people with a passion for film, and then I got to vote for which ones I liked best. I felt a little guilty. How could something this fun be legal, or make sense commercially. It seemed way too organic, or healthy to be true; kind of like the town of Asheville. I had heard that Asheville was a beautiful town, and my idea of what it would be like was obliterated. The pictures I took do not do it justice.

click here for pics of Asheville

Movie reviews coming soon!