December 23, 2006


Topic: Bumper sticker idea

I'm kind of surprised that I've never seen a bumper sticker that says: “Get Bent” that phrase seems perfect for a bumper sticker.

Another great possible use of the phrase “Get Bent” would be in a science fiction movie where the villain is a robot, or cyborg, or a machine of some sort, and at the climatic final battle, the human hero has a gun aimed at the robot and is about to shoot it which will cause it to fall into an large industrial-style grinding machine (or maybe they have already done something to cause the robot to fall into a large industrial-style grinding machine), and right before he, or she, pulls the trigger (or hits the "on" switch), they say “Get Bent!” ... then boom followed by crunching sounds. As you may recall, a good catch phrase was a critical ingredient in action movies in the 80s and 90s. The Terminator had, “I'll be back” John McClain had “Yippy-ki-yay Mother F***er”

Right now I'd like to say Get Bent to blogger for forcing me to switch to the new and improved version. I like the old one. And it wasn't nice of you to switch the placement of where you put the sign-in to trick me into logging in with the signing up for the new blogger option. very sneaky blogger people. I felt safe and comfortable with the old service...