January 21, 2007


Topic: Another Rainy Day

It's a rainy day in the Queen City. So I figured an update in the huffmania weB-LOG is due...

Today, for lunch I called in an order to my favorite sandwich place in Charlotte for my usual--the “tuna melt on rye with no tomato”. And I was little surprised when the young woman taking my order over the phone recognized me by my order, she said, “It's John, right?”. I guess I've become something of a regular. But I ask you: When you've found the greatest sandwich in the best sandwich shop in town, why mess with that? Is that such a bad habit? Then again, isn't it strange that in a city of over 600,000 people my fondness for toasted bread covered in tuna and melted cheese would be so unique?

And when it comes to bad habits...this year, for the first time ever I think, I'm trying to make a new years resolution to eliminate a bad habit. I hesitated to mention my new years resolution for 2007 before because I have serious doubts if I can pull it off. Basically: I'm trying to cut down on my coke-a-cola intake. I'm not going cold-turkey on coke necessarily, I know from previous experience that would be a waste of effort, instead I've devised a reduction strategy that involves only purchasing coke on an as-needed basis, so no stock-piling of coke in the fridge. ...I was wondering when did my coke addiction begin? Perhaps it was back in high school when I'd quench my thirst with a cold coke after marching band practice.