January 25, 2007


Topic: More thoughts about God

Last night I was thinking about how when I was growing up, the idea of talking to god seemed so implausible. After all, even if there was a god listening to all of our praying, god doesn't really answer, right?, at least not out loud, or so it seemed to me as a child. And today if someone were to tell me that god talks to them, I'd probably be extra nice to them and think to myself that maybe they are a little unscrewed. Then I was thinking about what if a random person came up to me and asked me the difference between two cans of peas. What if that person were god? How would I know? If there is a god, and I'm pretty sure there is, what would stop god from taking the shape of a random person I encounter. You meet so many random people in this world; it would be impossible for anyone to track down every person they come in contact with. So it occurred to me that perhaps it would be a good idea to treat everyone I meet as if they might be god. And then I thought, isn't that point anyways? Back when I was a kid in church thinking about the idea of talking to God, I remember hearing that Jesus said that whatever you do unto the least of humanity, you do unto to god, and aif you want to love god, you do so by loving your neighbor. Still I wonder: How do we talk to god? But considering that the explosion of the universe that is still going on, was ignited by god, so perhaps a better question is: how do we NOT talk to god?