January 8, 2007


Topic: New Years Thoughts

Can you believe it's already 2007? This decade is more than two-thirds over already and I feel like I only recently got comfortable with what to call it. I remember not long ago everyone was wondering what to call this decade; “The Two-Thousands?” we'd awkwardly ask each other, it just sounded weird. In fact, I'm actually not really sure if anyone ever really came to a determination of what to call this decade.

I'm starting to realize that as I get older the idea of knowing all the secrets to life (or at least the most important ones) is a far fetched aspiration, and I'm realizing that most people who are really successful don't really question the secrets of life, but instead take what they have and try to make the most of their experience as a human.

...is this thing on??

Thank you, Jon, for having us to your site. I look forward to the many ideas and mental explosions that may follow.

As for 2007, it's not so strange that the naughts are halfway done, but what is more strange is that we've been out of school for so long. And yet, here I am still wandering around...

Until next time -
Wow, Thank You mysterious commenter. Now I'm left wondering who you might be. You know me, and you are someone I know, but who? Who is this mysterious Curio? Apparently an alias representing more than one person. It could be anyone. This is exciting. Who art thou Curio? Well, thanks for the feedback and keep reading the Huffmania weB-LOG!
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