January 8, 2007


Topic: Recent Events

Tonight I tried yet again to make brownies, and yet again I have created brownie-flavored stucco-like material that comes out of the pan in a solid block.

Here are a couple recent news stories I've found interesting...

Not too long ago I read in the news that Bono (his name is pronounced 'bon-oh' not 'bone-oh') has received an honorary knighthood. (Being that he is an Irishman, by technicality Bono can only receive an honorary knighthood, the highest award a non-British human being can achieve.) But big deal, right? This really isn't something new for the Rock star. He has already received the Legion D'Honneur from France, and was requested by the Pope to give up his sunglasses, which I think is a much cooler honor. For Bono, such a title is really arbitrary; to him actions speak louder than words, but he understands how his image can be used as a bargaining chip to do what's right for society, which is why it makes sense that Bono appreciates this award from Britain as long as in some way it can further the cause to fight poverty in Africa. I think it's interesting how great minds influence other great minds; Ghandi influences Martin Luther King Jr, who influences Bono; I guess I can't really lament the loss of U2 in the recording studio knowing that instead Bono is rallying support and getting billionaires and powerful politicians to sign-on in the fight against the extreme poverty in Africa.

Read about Bono's honorary knighthood here

UFO Report on NPR: I heard on NPR last week that 12 workers at Chicago's O'Hare airport filed reports last November of seeing a silver saucer shaped object in the sky, which after staying in a stationary position in the sky for a while took off leaving a strange hole shape in the cloud cover above. Hmmm, first of all, there must be a pretty strong union for airport workers, and secondly; that's not a very original UFO story guys. The flying saucer story is so overused. Come on, if you're going to make up a story about Aliens coming to earth, you need something more unusual (Like: they came down in a floating Christmas tree and when they landed they walked out singing carols, pretending to be nice, and then wiped out some lasers and kidnapped a guy presumably to be part of some sort of extraterrestrial orgy; that would be so much cooler). And another thing: if your job is so boring that you need to make up UFO stories to keep yourself entertained then you ought to realize that there are so many better places on Earth to check out than an airport. Honestly, if you're going to fly 100,000 light years or more across the galaxy to visit Earth, I can think of a few better places to visit; I think I'd spend most of my time in Rio de Janiero, maybe backpack across Europe in the spring. New Zealand is supposed to be beautiful this time of year.

Listen to the NPR story here

In honor of this UFO story, I'm adding a link for a YouTube video which is a hilarious parody of the cult classic They Live; a science fiction B-movie about aliens infiltrating and running out society where one man finds a magical pair of sunglasses that allows him to see the aliens and their corruption around him; but I like this version A LOT better...

WARNING: This video does contain some “racy” subject matter (i.e. Sexy girls wearing bikinis and dancing about for no apparent reason; which is why this version is so better than the original on which it's based) so if you're offended by that sort of thing then you might not want to watch this video. If not, then you might find this video very funny.