May 15, 2007


The Arcade Fire. In a word: Awesome!

I've been wanting to write a review of a recent concert I attended by The Arcade Fire. But then I realized that I am not a musician so basically my only level of musical appreciation consists of how good a particular piece of music makes me feel; and to that extent, The Arcade Fire ROCKED! Before this concert I had not really listened to any of their music and didn't know anything about them, but I had heard good reviews from my friends; so I was really overwhelmed by the show. Aside from being Awesome*, the band achieved very high levels of Mystification and Amazement; and if Awestuckedness was a word then they would have achieved high levels of that as well because I felt quite awestruck at times. And I'm just speculating but it might be possibly one of the greatest performances of any kind in human history. So I feel pretty fortunate for having seen this particular show without first having been a fan. If by chance you have a chance to see The Arcade Fire, you should.

*In this post about The Arcade Fire, I used the word 'awesome' to describe the band. But according to a report I heard on NPR recently, there is an uptight college somewhere in Northern Michigan which every year creates a list of banned words; and this year they've included the word “awesome” for offensively being over used. Well, I certainly say awesome a lot, but come on? The word awesome is the most awesome word for explaining how awesome something is. What will we use now? Unlameful? And honestly, if they really wanted to ban 'awesome', they missed their most awesome opportunity to back in the eighties when the Ninja Turtles had their original heyday (when they were way more awesome by the way). Bear in mind that in the event that the word 'awesome' looses it's glory, 'radical' might be ready for a comeback.

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