May 28, 2007


Movie Preview: John Rambo

Recently I received a comment from captainrandom45; it was a response to my posting about the next Die Hard film.

captainrandom45 said:

"Uh oh, Rambo is back to break some facez.

I love the fact that Stalone is bringing back his old roles by just throwing the characters FULL name as the title. What's next, 'Raymond Tango'?"

Well, thanks for commenting captainrandom45. I like the way you spelled the word "faces." I would be okay if they named this movie John Rambo, and if future Stallone films followed this trend of being named after the main character. Rambo is more of a movie my older brother's generation would have watched. But I remember being a kid and watching.

After seeing the trailer on YouTube, that captainrandom45 included a link to, I have two things to say:

First: It looks like the steroids that Stallone recently was found guilty to for illegibly transporting into Australia have really paid off. He looks like a ripped bad-ass mo-fo, if you know what I'm saying. (To clarify my view on steriods: It's totally not cool if you're a high school athlete using steroids to get more ripped, 'cause that stuff WILL mess you up; but it is really cool, and amusing, and even awesome when, and only when, you are a 60-year old hollywood celebrity using them to get ripped for a movie and getting a $13,000 fine for it (it could have been up to $91,000) for being caught when you apparently could care less about it.)

The second thing that really amazed me about that trailer was that about one minute and 39 seconds into it, you hear some guy recite Saint Francis's Prayer for Peace, possibly the most beautiful prayer about being peaceful and preventing suffering and ignorance ever written and then immediately following it, Rambo has had enough and goes into a killing rampage more grand than any of his previous killing rampages in the past.

I don't think it's possible to create a more obvious bastardization of the original intention of Saint Francis's Prayer than to show Rambo using it as inspiration for decapitating a guy, using a truck-mounted machine gun to rip apart a person's head that is 3 inches away in the front seat and go on to destroy an army with Japanese Animation style blood pressure issues (what kind of caliber ammunition does it take to make blood shoot two feet out of the top of a rebel military truck?) and generally going around “killing ... just as easy as [he is] breathing”. It looks like Tarantino directed it.

And I don't think the film-makers were going for iconoclasm when they pieced these segments together. This will be a “must see” film for whenever it gets released.

Check out the trailer captainrandom45 included in their commit: