May 16, 2007


Movie Preview: Live Free or Die Already...

I recently went to the theater to see both Spiderman 3 and 28 Weeks Later, but rather than focus on how disappointing both of those films were I'd like to focus on the preview for the new Die Hard movie that played before these films.

To preference this I'd like to point out that I have loved the Die Hard movies. I can watch them over and over again. 2 wasn't bad, but the original and With a Vengeance are great. So after seeing the recent preview for the forth installment in the series it really pains me to say that with out a doubt this movie will be terrible.

One scene in the trailer in particular comes to mind. In the preview for Live Free you actually see Bruce Willis driving a car and jumping out right before he sends it through the air into a helicopter. The car crashed into something looking like a toll both and is propelled up into the helicopter. Then the trailer cuts to a scene later when he is asked why, and he coolly says “I was out of bullets.” For me, that's the most unbelievable part of the whole scene. No one would ever be so snide after driving a car into a toll both and seeing it take down a helicopter--not even Detective John McClain, as bad-ass as he is. In real life he would really say: “Holy (expletive)! ...I can't (expletive)-ing BE-LIEVE I just drove that car into that helicopter!” with eyes wide open in disbelief. If Bruce Willis had said something like that, then that might actually have justified this scene. I'm afraid to wonder just how expensive this 6 seconds of footage cost.

Check out the preview at Apple Movie Trailers