June 26, 2007


It's a small world...

A while back I signed up to beta-test Joost. (Which if you're not familiar, is a peer-to-peer video sharing program designed to replicate cable or satellite TV via the Internet; a great idea in my opinion). When I finally got my invitation I thought it was somewhat impressive. The video quality was really good, but the content and amount of the programming was very limited; but considering the contracts with big-name television companies Joost has potential for some decent programming in the future. (I'm holding out that Joost might be my solution for a daily dose of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report without having to shell out the forty dollars a month for satellite television or go threw the hassle of searching around YouTube for funny clips.)

Anyways, I had ignored Joost until tonight and am surprised to see a some of my best friends who were on a show called Home Makers that aired a couple years ago on the now defunct television network Turner South. Wow, I guess I'll have to get an autograph next time I see them. I hope they're getting royalties.