July 20, 2007


Update: 1-18-08 -- The Internet phenomenon that stays fresh longer!

This is a follow up to my earlier post about the 1-18-08 movie

“In the city that never sleeps, somebody's woken up on the wrong side of the bed, and he/she/it has a name... CLOVERFIELD!”

I'm still just a little too preoccupied with that darned Cloverfield trailer; and there are two facets to the whole matter than intrigue me the most...

1), the personal look and feel...So far, every official bit of media released about this phenomenon has a “user generated” quality to it. The home video nature of the trailer, and the photos appearing on the only official website all come with a personal touch (there's a new one I discovered today). If this trend continues it seems like it will really have the effect of making viewers feel part of the movie experience like never before.

2), this movie, is the first I can think of, that takes place the exact time as it's opening night in theaters. So, when you go to see it on opening night (And of course you will!), you're seeing something that takes place when you're watching it--like watching imaginary live TV. Could it be, the producers wanted to draw the largest opening-night box-office hysteria yet? I think they'll do it.

It's a safe bet the hype leading up to the release of this will movie surpass all previous films thus far, and may indeed reinvent movie marketing; and at this point the monster has just barely stuck his/her/it's toe into our instant-gratification-obsessed, viral-video infected, socially networked, blog-o-spherical consciousnesses. The trailer and the hype surrounding it has already infiltrated news shows, a VH1 episode of Best Week Ever, not to mention tons of forums and fake sites.

The producers no-doubt planned to take advantage of the whole social-networking scene that's taking over the internet. I wonder if they were prepared for the reaction they're getting?

Oh, and I have one more question relating to a peculiar quark in all the hysteria surrounding this mysterious film: If that Ethanhaaswasright.com site isn't affiliated with this movie, then what is it affiliated with? And why were people jumping so quick to assume that it was?

Here's my thought (well actually a friend of mine, who was an English Major in college, thought of this immediately as I told him the details). “the monster: is a giant kick ass lion based on the poem 'second coming' by WB Yeats.

Really the most surprising thing so far, is that despite the tremendous hysteria building around this film, no party associated with the film has come forth to spill the beans.