November 5, 2007


Afraid of the dark...

Halloween has come and gone. And I was thinking about how I like certain scary movies, but not just any. The scary movies I tend to like are what I categorize as “Survival/horror” which, to me, are equal parts exciting and frightening; such as when an individual or a group of people are pitted together against something supernatural. So they're not necessarily realistic but what makes them interesting to me are the relationships between the characters dealing with a crisis of some sort. Zombie movies are almost always good examples of “survivor/horrors.” Dawn of the Dead (the original and the remake), 28 Days Later (and 'Weeks Later' as well, although not as good as the original) Alien, Aliens, Cube, The Thing, all fit this category. I can watch the remake of Dawn of the Dead over and over.

Anyways, it looks like we have some pretty exciting horror movies on the way...

30 Days of Night – already in theaters, based on a graphic novel about vampires coming into an Alaskan town when daylight is absent for an extended time. Here's the trailer

The Mist - 11/21/2007 -Usually when director Frank Darapont works on a Stephen King story you end up with a good result (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) but this will be the first horror flick based on a story by King. The concept sounds scary—a small town enveloped by a mist that brings mysterious creatures that terrorize the community. Darapont has also signed on to do a film adaptation of the novel Fereinheight 451, coming out in '09

I am Legend - 12/14/2007 - I was really interested when I first read about this. Will Smith plays Robert Neville who somehow is the last human left on earth; the rest of the human race have become something similar to either a zombie or vampire or both. Neville is not only the sole remaining human, but also somehow has the capability of saving humanity from what it has become; this sounds familiar...Here is the second trailer for the film.

And around the corner, early next year, will likely be the most hyped horror flick of all time (and I've written about it three times before: 1, 2, 3). It still doesn't have an official name, just a release date: 1-18-08. There is tremendous speculation about what this film will even be about. But there seems to be a clear consensus that it will be about a monster attacking NYC, and not just any monster, but a serious bad ass monster. Interestingly the film is set to take place simultaneously as it's being released in theaters; hence it's tentative title: 1-18-08. here is the trailer that exploded on the Internet after it appeared with no warning before Transformers this summer. If for no other reason, this film will likely be remembered by those who study the film industry for how ingenuity of its viral marketing techniques.

Stay tuned for more updates...