February 24, 2008


Oscar Night

Well it's Oscar night. We'll soon find out who won best picture, best actor/tress, and so on.

For me, there are two strong candidates for this year's competition. I'd have to give best actor to Danial Day-Lewis for his part in There Will Be Blood, and I'd have to give best picture, and best director to the Coen brothers for No Country For Old Men.

For best original screenplay, I'd give that to Nancy Oliver for Lars And The Real Girl

I'd give best supporting actor to Phillip Seymore Hoffman for his role in Charley Wilson's War; although I have a suspicion that it'll go to Javier Bardem for his role in No Country For Old Men (I really think there aught to be a category for best antagonist for which he would be best suited)

I saw War/Dance at the Asheville Film Festival and that would be my choice for best documentary but I've heard really good things about Taxi to the Dark Side.

For a complete list of nominations, click here.

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