August 15, 2008


For Fans of Firefly

I just happened to catch this clip while perusing the television and I'm posting it because If you're a fan of the show Firefly (IMDb) (and/or the follow up film Serenity (IMDb)) then it will likely be of some interest. Its an interview by Alan Tudyk of Nathan Fillion who both were members of the show Firefly and film Serenity.

If you don't know about Firefly and Serenity and you're into sci-fi, it might be worth your wile to check it out. Sadly the series lasted just one season on FOX, then thanks to its huge fan-base Universal Studios purchased the rights bring the series to the big screen. But the story was definitely not over after that film and there's no short supply of fans who would enjoy seeing it anew.

What's important for Firefly fans to note in this clip (towards the end) is Fillion confirming that while any possible sequels to Serenity have not been “planned” there is no say as to whether they are unlikely. However, since he's specifically referring to a film sequel that doesn't necessarily rule out plans to take the story back to the small screen where it began, which when it comes down to it is really what fans would want most of all.

*Also of interest in this interview: Fillion talks about a more recent project called Slither (IMDb) which looks like a good entry into a category I call 'survivor-horror' (which whether or not it exists, is what I consider a sub-genre within Horror); I'm not sure how I missed it.

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