August 27, 2008


A rainy day

Sometimes I really wish I had a camera--today was such an occasion. All the rain in Charlotte (thanks to Fay) left roads closed and driving was a little messy this morning. Since I was riding shotgun I looked around; at one point I noticed an entire playground submerged, just the tops of slides and swings reaching above the muddy water. Seeing roads almost totally covered in foot-high water and driving through it was exciting. I guess all the rain was news worthy enough, my brother called to ask if I was building an ark.

YOU HAVENT SEEN THIS??? WHAT???? too late, you should have seen it together in the theaters. I dont even know if the previews are on the dvd, but i do know you wont get he same experience as i did seeing "machete preview, planet terror, zombiesomething preview, don't preview, thanksgiving preview, and deathproof" all in one big sandwich
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