December 24, 2008


Allison and I make Pizza Pies

Allison and I had our second cooking experience together -- part two in our continued experiment to make me into good boyfriend potential. I didn't have any fun photos of our cooking experience this time, so I made this cartoon of us with our finished pizzas (which in reality would have been too hot to hold with our bare hands).

Its now been over a week so I apologize for being behind the curve here. We combined our second lesson with a Christmas dinner we were going to anyways. When wondering what to make I had an idea to make a Snowman pizza by combining three different sized pizzas and using toppings to simulate buttons and a mouth made out of coal. It didn't really work out since we ended up with a couple of rectangle shaped pizzas and not enough toppings, but it was lots of fun just the same (although I still want to make that snow man pizza someday!)

Ingredients: 3 bags of pre-made pizza dough (only 99 cents each at Trader Joe's), two cans of marinara sauce (its cheaper and works just as well as pizza sauce), a block of mozarella cheese cut into round slices, some toppings of your choice (we used some bazel leaves and Allison already had some mushrooms)

Instructions (so easy!):
-preheat oven to what ever temperature the pre-made pizza dough suggests.
-spay a cooking sheet or pizza pan with non-stick spray.
-roll out the pre-made pizza dough onto cooking pan until its flat.
-spread marinara sauce onto raw dough.
-cut up slices of mozarella cheese and cover the pizzas.
-add whatever toppings you desire.
-put into oven and cook until crust starts to turn golden
-there you have it: a delicious pizza you designed!

Its very easy and very delicious. It was way better (and cheaper) than the frozen pizza's I'm used to cooking. I think Allison was very pleased with our pizza pies!

We tried to get together last week for a third date, I mean lesson, but due to all the holiday pandemonium our schedules didn't really work out but we did hang out and Allison gave me a spice rack for Christmas. How sweet! I can't wait to use it to continue to make lots of delicious dinners with her!

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