January 5, 2009


Allison and I Make Tofu Tacos

So Allison and I had our third dinner together – part three in our mission to teach me the ways of the kitchen so that I might someday impress a lady. I have a feeling its going to take a lot more practice! Our meals are vegetarian because for one thing she's a vegetarian and the idea is if I can cook for a vegetarian then I should be able to cook for anyone, in the same sense as a square is a rectangle. And maybe I have squares on my mind because our dinner was Tacos with Tofu as the main ingredient. I'm not that experienced with tofu and I had some preconceptions about how it would taste when in fact it doesn't have any taste. The only real variation is in the texture, how firm it is.

I have to say this was one of our most delicious meals yet! Click here for pictures

Ingredients: One package of tofu at a firmness of your choosing, cooking oil, garlic powder, cyan power, chili powder, mexican cheese, package of tortillas, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, and one onion.

-set your oven on warm and place the tortillas on the middle tray on a oven sheet
-lay a damp paper towel over the tortillas to keep them from drying out while warming up (keep your eye on the paper towel and keep wetting it once it dries out)
-cut up the block of tofu into little squares
-pour enough cooking oil into a frying pan to evenly coat all the tofu cubes
-into the frying pan with the oil stir in a dash each of cyan powder, chili powder, and garlic powder or more if you like it spicy
-mix the tofu cubes with the mixture of spices and cooking oil until all cubes are coated evenly
-peel and slice up some onions (watch out for your fingers, and prepare for your eyes to get misty).
-start sautéing the onions and tofu cubes
-keep sautéing the onions and tofu until the tofu is golden brown and has a bit of a crispy texture
-now you're done, take out your tortillas from the oven, and add tofu and onions, Mexican cheese, lettuce, salsa, and sour creame to your likening.

I should note: As someone new to tofu I did feel a certain level of internal discomfort afterwards. That is to say: Tofu and I were not exactly perfect strangers. But considering how delicious our dinner turned out, I think maybe with a little more experience I can become accustomed. It would certainly be worth in in the long run in my mission to someday impress a lady :-)

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