January 29, 2009


Everything is expanding

I was looking up what are the biggest stars on-line and what were the closest stars to earth and so forth (Biggest star: VY Canis Major, is a couple thousand times bigger than the sun – closest star: Proxima Centuri, is only a little more than 4 light years away.) when the question came into my mind? Where did it all start? If I look up, is there a place where I can look and think to myself, that was where the Big Bang happened. We came from there. I was surprised to read that there is no such place!

Everything is where it always was. Sure things have changed shape and exploded and formed clouds and stars and planets. But the stuff thats around you is the stuff that would have been around you at the moment when the whole universe began. And while the universe appears to be expanding, there is no edge of the universe. Well there isn't anything outside of the universe, so how could there be an edge to nothing? So while the universe may not be getting any bigger everything is getting farther apart. Now I know that if I ever find the love of my life I'll know that each day I'm just getting farther and farther away from her, and everything else. That gives me an enhanced sort of lonely feeling.