February 14, 2009


Allison and I Make Breakfast For Dinner

This was our ninth dinner lesson. The week before I had brought potatoes and we decided that they would be better saved for something other than Stir-fry. So I thought what about “breakfast for dinner”? Click here for pictures, and here to see of our dinner lessons.

We decided to make fried potatoes out of my potatoes as a side dish and chocolate chip pancakes as the main dish. Allison supplied the pancake mix and the chocolate chips. She also sort of took over the potatoes while I made our pancakes.

The process is this: heat a pan to medium heat on the stove. Mix up the pancake mix throughly to get out all of the lumps. Then quickly poor out how ever much you want to make the cake.

While its cooking thats when you add the chocolate chips. Allison explained its better to add them while they are cooking because if you add them to the batter then they sink to the bottom.

I had fun making different shapes and attempting to make designs with the chocolate chips.