February 8, 2009


Allison and I Make Sizzling Stir-fry

This was our eighth dinner lesson -- we made stir-fry, and it was so delicious I had seconds and thirds! Click here for pictures.

Ingredients (I purchased some vegetables I thought would be delicious and Allison already had some of the things we needed): a Red-pepper (more expensive but very tasty), fresh green-beans, onion, tofu, yellow squash. Allison had an onion and garlic and the rice.

Allison predicted the rice would take longer to make so she prepared it ahead of time. She tells me the key to making good rice is to use exactly what amount of water it says on the package, and to not remove the lid while its cooking because that lets out some of the moisture.

Steps: first we cut up the onions and garlic and started sauteing them as we sliced up the rest of the vegetables.
Once all the vegetables were sliced up and the onions and garlic were turning brown, we added the rest of the vegetables and sauteyed them for a few minutes.
While this was going on I sliced the tofu into little cubes.
Then Allison seasoned the tofu and veggies in the pan with chili powder.
We then mixed in all the tufu squares and continued sauteing the mixture until the tofu was brown around the edges.
That was it, we had a delicious stir fry dinner.

It was really delicious! Now I can't wait for our next dinner which will be “breakfast for dinner”