February 26, 2009


Allison ... Makes Split Pea Soup

In our most recent dinner together I was only involved in eating and washing dishes. Since it takes three hours to cook, Allison went ahead and did all the work beforehand. I arrived just in time to enjoy her delicious handywook, which was some fantastic Split Pea Soup.

There were no pictures of the “making of” of the split pea soup, so took this as an opportunity to practice creating an illustration of our dinner with vector graphics. I've updated my “art” page with several newly created vector graphic images. They were made using an open-source program called Inkscape; which, although somewhat limited, is basically a very useful and free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Currently I'm in a class were we are studying Illustrator, but I do not plan on including any of that work on this website because part of the purpose of this site is be wholly created with open-source or free software or services. I have a list of free graphic design software recommendations in my links page here.

Since Allison did all the work, I don't have a recipe this time, but to read all about all our dinners so far, including our recipes, click here.