April 23, 2009


A Challenging Day

Today was a challenging day in many ways. . .

We were working on the roof of a 'Home Repair' project – replacing water damaged roofing boards so that volunteers can put down new paper and shingles. I discovered that I am innately gifted at finding the weak spots in the roof boards. . . unexpectedly by walking on them that is. Twice while taking a step I ended up stepping right threw the roof into the house. Although I got some good scrapes on my legs, aside from that I can tell you that is a startling and exciting experience. There was some genuine laughter (following concern of course!) from my friends.

I was thinking if there are angels (be they of a physical, a metaphysical, or merely of a perceptual reality), I think they might come in different forms. . . such as an uplifting song on the radio at just the right moment, as a reassuring thought or comment, and certainly as working with a best friend. When it comes down to it, some days are definitely more challenging than others. And in difficult circumstances I question my ability to carry through. But I tend to believe that life has a point/a reason – at least I hope that it does. When I wonder what life is all about, I often wonder how well I'm looking for the answer to that question. I see this time working with Habitat as something quite special and important. I have had some time to look retrospectively at my experiences so far. Maybe the answer to 'what life is all about' is found in the way one lives their life. How many chances in life will I have to be part of something so meaningful to myself and I hope to those I work and interact with? Considering what I believe that answer to be, I want to give everything I have – which may require a certain degree of humility, and determination. I recently read some words of Mother Teresa which reminded me never to give up: “Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.”

In summary -- lessons I've learned (or have been reminded of): -Love everyone -Its never too late (for anything or anyone) -Don't give up -Its okay to look at your dreams and think about what makes sense.