August 14, 2009


Summer Movies - Part 2

I recently went to see Away We Go with some of my friendly new neighbors. Away We Go stars Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski (who plays Jim in the American 'Office') and is directed by Sam Mendes, who previously directed Revolutionary Road, Jarhead, and American Beauty. I haven't seen Revolutionary Road, but Jarhead and American Beauty were both films I really appreciated. Away We Go depicts a man and woman who are about to become parents who embark on a trip around North America encountering friends and people they know checking out places that might be suitable to raise their child. I really enjoyed the film, and it was the first movie in a while that had me squirming because to the awkwardness of the events and characters on screen. It is a very endearing film that doesn't try to force any perspective on the viewer, and relevant questions in life are left unanswered.

Here are a couple trailers for films coming out soon that interest me:

District 9 - Comes out today - here is a funny related NPR blog posting about governmental relations with otherworldly visitors. District 9 caught my attention with the interesting visuals in its trailer reminiscent of the huge space ships in Independence Day. click here for HD trailer @ Apple, or click on youtube below

Surrogates - September 25th 2009 - Bruce Willis does well in Sci-fi (The Fifth Element, 12 Monkeys) click here for HD trailer @ Apple, or click on youtube below

Tron Legacy - sometime in 2010 -I was a big fan of Tron growing up, so I was excited to read a couple years ago that a possible sequel was in talks. Then as time passed it looked like it might not happen, until recently my friend Andy referred me to the surprise trailer for this sequel. Awesome! I can't wait! click here for HD trailer @ Apple, or click on youtube below