December 31, 2009


Top Ten Christmas/Holiday Movies

First I must apologize to any loyal readers out there for my long absence from blogging. I'm been up to some serious soul searching lately, and wondering what the world has in store for us. Mostly, I just want to have some sort of idea where my life will take me next. And I've been fairly busy with work. I had a presentation a few weeks ago, and I must say, someone asked for a copy of the template I created, and I'd just like to point out that it wa entirely created with open-source software, just like everything on this website...

So anyways, here is a list of my top ten favorite Christmas movies (the only rule here is that they somehow involve the holiday season):

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - this has to be the best of the Vacation movies.

Die Hard – This is truly one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, and why might you ask? Well, it takes place during the holidays, and its about a man who wants save his family from a total Scrudge type character played excellently by Alan Rickman

Lethal Weapon – as with Die Hard, this action-comedy is set around the Holidays – there is even a shoot-out in a Christmas tree farm.

A Christmas Story – this is maybe the second most classic Christmas movie, second only to maybe It's A Wonderful Life

The Family Stone – this certifiable chick-flick is about the best at showing the awkward wonder of family coming together around the Holidays. It also has a grumpy but cute Rachael McAdams which is a reason I'll watch any movie.

Batman Returns – also takes place during the holidays (but more importantly featured a stunning Michelle Piffer in a shiny latex Catwoman suite). Both of the Tim Burton Batman movies are still in my opinion the best, although the Nolan Batman films are impressive.

The Lord of the Rings – there for a few years you could count on both a Lord of the Ring movie and a Harry Potter movie to go see around the holidays.

A Christmas Carol (the animated Disney version featuring Scrooge McDuck)

Cast Away – this might be a sad movie, but its one of my favorites and it begins around the holidays.

The Office (British Version) Christmas Special – you might not realize this but the American sitcom The Office is based on a British tv show by the same name, in fact the first few episodes of each version are practically mirror images. I've enjoyed both shows a lot, but the British version has the advantage of being original, and it only lasted two seasons followed by a feature length Christmas special. True fans of the American version of The Office owe it to themselves to check out the original British version. The Christmas Special is priceless. Especially this: