April 5, 2010


A Look Outside

The human brain is a very interesting and bizarre thing. For each of us, it is somehow the nexus point for all of what we are intersecting and interacting with the physical universe. The brain contains all of our memories, enables all of our thoughts, it is the biological nexus of who we are is individuals.

If you think about it, your body is really just a somewhat durable extension of your brain, which allows your brain to interact with this experience called “life” on our planet Earth, spinning around a modest sized star at the center of our planetary system, which is one of an estimated 200 billion other stars and star systems that make up the spiraling Milky Way galaxy. And the Milky Way along with over 100 billion other galaxies makes up the observable universe which is estimated to be more than 90 billion light years in diameter. But the the very idea of an edge to the observable Universe is irrelevant as there is no time or space outside of that. And in the midst of all of that are we living on this planet wondering what it all means.