February 26, 2011


Save AmeriCorps!

As a former AmeriCorps member I know how valuable the program is for agencies across the country. Currently funding for AmeriCorps is facing cancellation, which would undoubtedly be a devastating loss for our nation. Watch this video of some people I know, reflecting on their experience in AmeriCorps ...

Note: I just can't see the logic behind cutting funding for a program that takes dedicated young people and pays them less than minimum wage to spend a year of their lives working with agencies that strive for the well-being of our communities (like Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and many many more!).

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February 21, 2011


A Strange Awakening

Yesterday morning I had the surreal experience of waking up on the cold bathroom floor bleeding from the back of my head and no idea how I got that way. I remember thinking, 'How did end up on the bathroom floor?' Then when I reached up to the sink to pull myself off the ground I discovered blood on my hand, and I found blood on my shirt and on the floor. Of course I started to freak out. It took me a while to remember that I had gone to the bathroom shortly before and suddenly felt like I was going to feint thinking 'I need to get to the sofa.' That was probably a bad idea since I probably should have just laid on the ground. I'm lucky to have some great friends. My very kind neighbors took a look at me and suggested that I probably needed a stitch or two (and they brought me some breakfast) and a good friend came over to take a look at my head. When the urgent care opened I went by and the closed the cut with something like super glue.

I haven’t had a lot of experiences with passing out. Once in college while going on a fairly extreme hike on no breakfast I came close and had to lie down in front of a tree, and once before in high school. Consciousness is a strange and interesting thing. Our lives and the very ability to have an idea of who we are are based on our conscious experience – the sum of all remembered moments that lead to the moment of 'now.'

February 14, 2011


Happy V Day


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