June 30, 2011


Recent art...

I saw a photo of the wildfires out west and was inspired to draw the scene with open-source Inkscape, a vector graphics program comparable to Adobe Illustrator...

Here are some wallpapers I've made, also with Inkscape...

http://huffmania.com/special/wallpapers/multi_squares1thumb.jpg http://huffmania.com/special/wallpapers/dark_squares2thumb.jpg

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June 20, 2011



Yesterday I went to Carrowinds with my friends Allison and Alex and we had a fun time riding most of the roller coasters, wooden and steel, that the park has to offer. Here are a couple pictures of the park...





Recent movies I've seen ...

I went to see Super 8 weekend and I have to say, even with high-anticipations I did really enjoy it. Although its been claimed and claimed again that this movie has nothing to do with the monster flick Cloverfield that came a couple years ago, it may well have been a remake. Super 8 is Cloverfield as it would have been conceived in the late 70s. The creatures in question in both films are very similar – HP Lovecraft-ian slithery spindly-limbed beasts, with great strength running a muck. The Super 8 monster may well have been the Cloverfield monster's little brother (or I guess older brother as this is set in the past).

Another similarity in this film with Cloverfield, and with the show LOST, is the focus on people coming together as a result of a mysterious horrific/traumatic event, this is an aspect of JJ Abrams storytelling that I really appreciate. The best part of the film is the relationships between the kids, and because of that this movie is far more entertaining than Cloverfield. The movie reminds me a lot of the kids in Goonies, and 80s classic. And the setting and tone of the film, as was expected, did remind me a lot of earlier Spielberg films.

The week before I went to see Thor, the latest in the series of Marvel Studios films leading up to The Avengers coming out next summer (which all started with Iron Man which came out a couple summer's ago). I'm really looking forward to The Avengers, especially with Joss Wheddon directing (creator of Firefly/Serenity, Buffy). The last movie that leads up to next summer's The Avengers, is Captain America which is coming out later this summer.

This week I went to see the X-Men prequel First Class and I thought it was a pretty decent lead up to the original X-Men. This movie was produced by Brian Singer (director of X-Men 1 and 2). Spoiler: There was a pretty funny cameo with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Still to come this summer (and after): Transformers Dark of the Moon (July 1), the last Harry Potter movie (July 15), Captain America (July 22), Cowboys & Aliens (July 29), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Aug 5), The Thing (October 14), Contagion (October 21), Arrietty (February 12 2012), Lockout (Feb 22 2012), John Carter (March 9 2012), The Hunger Games (March 23 2012), Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (June 22 2012)

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