November 20, 2011


Never pay Full Price for HDMI cables again!

HDMI, ethernet, audio-vidual cables are not cheap if you buy them in most stores. That's were they make a lot of their money. The margin on high-end electronics is very small, and stores might even take a loss on selling them, hoping that the customer will buy all the needed accessories where they can make up the difference and then some.

I found a place just outside of Charlotte that sells only cables. You can get a 50-foot ethernet cable for around $5 there (I had to buy some for work). Just recently I stopped buy to pick up some HDMI cables and I just can't believe how inexpensive they are.

As a reference, in one last weeks sales circular I saw a 6-foot HDMI cable on sale for $29. Well yesterday I purchased (5) 6-foot HDMI cables, and (3) 10-foot HDMI cables, all for $30. They didn't come in flashy packaging, but they all have gold-plated connectors, and are capable of providing 3d. Why do I need 8 HDMI cables? A: they make nice stocking stuffers ;-)

Check them out: