December 24, 2012


Recent Events - Family Trip to the Beach, and Visiting My Niece in NYC

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged about anything.  My excuse is that I’ve been pretty busy with work and also school.  I started taking classes last summer get certifications in web design and to learn a thing or two about making websites, which I certainly have in the process.  In the past year I've built over 10 websites for various Habitat for Humanity affiliates and organizations. 

Click here to see all the Beach and NYC Photos

I also went on several trips recently.  Here are some photos from my trip to the beach with my family and photos of a trip to visit my niece who now lives in New York City attending NYU; she is a brainy creative kid.

The roof of her apartment has an awesome view of the city in all directions.

My Nieces' Apartment wall (you can see some of her creative influences)

My Dad using his metal detector

My whole family at the beach (wow there were a lot of us, the white shirts were a good idea)

My brother recently remarried and his new wife has 4 kids of her own so there were a lot of us this year. It was a lot of fun even if pretty noisy.  Next year I'll bring some ear plugs ;-)