January 2, 2016


Silicon Valley/Office Space Easter Egg

I've discovered another interesting cinematic Easter Egg; a connection between the film Office Space and HBO comedy Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is one very funny show. It was created by the hilarious mind behind the amazing comedy Office Space (as well as many other classics, including the shows Bevis and Butthead and King of the Hill, as well as the films Idiocracy and Extract). It focuses on a group of young software developers struggling to get their fledgling company off the ground, while facing stiff competition from rival tech giants. The show is filled with an amazing cast. If you can stomach a very irreverant and dark comedy, and have access to HBO, you should watch the first two seasons!

One of the funniest moments in the first season involves a scene where Urlich (one of the leads, and the source for a lot of the humor in the show) in an attempt to come up with a better name for the company goes on a vision quest (It is especially hilarious when Urlich blows his own mind with the phrase “Technolo-Jesus”).

In this scene Urlich begines to be surrounded by various logos for tech companies, and right about the time where his quest takes a turn for the worse, the Initech logo from Office Space swirls close to his head. (see graphic below)

Image of Silicon Valley left, Office Space right

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