November 6, 2016


Exciting New Trailers: GOTG Vol. 2 & Logan

A week ago a couple trailers for some upcoming Marvel films were released.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Not much to see here being that it's just a teaser, but it is exciting none the less. I just can't wait to see how Marvel is going to connect the dots between Guardians and the Avengers.


Possibly the final appearance of Hugh Jackman playing the part of Wolverine. This film introduces the character of X-23 and appears to be set in the future following the new time line set forth by the events in Days of Future Past.

Probably the most exciting news about this film is that it will be a Rated-R Wolverine film. This might be thanks to the huge success the R-Rated Deadpool had early this year. Whatever the reason, this will give Wolverine a chance to finally really get his claws out and into some badguys. The trailer itself is beautifully done, featuring the cover of Hurt by Johnny Cash, and showing scenes of Wolverine looking surprisingly vulnerable to physical harm.

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