January 28, 2017


5 Video Games That Need to be Adapted Into Movies

The video-game-to-movie cross-over has been a popular trend over the years, with some of the biggest names making the transition. However, there are some surprising omissions from that list...


I think Metroid and it's sequels are some of the most interesting games Nintendo has ever produced.

Metroid is a Nintendo classic that is a unique and Althogugh a minor player when compared with Mario and Zelda fanchises, the Zelda series has enjoyed a lot of success and popularity over the years.

Metroid was fairly innovative to make the protagonist female in an era where the protagonists in video games were almost always male, and currently they are still mostly male, so this was pretty groundbreaking back in the mid-1980s. The eerie science fiction and alien battle scenes would fit right in with films like Alien and Starship Troopers

The Legend of Zelda

The video game itself is classic fantasy – a young hero is tasked with rescuing a princess and saving a kingdom. It is said that the concept for Legend of Zelda was inspired by the film Legend by Ridley Scott. Its one of the most loved series of games in video game history, spanning decades.


Attempts to bring this story to cinema in the past gave us the amazing District 9. The mythology of Halo is daunting in the same way that the mythology of Lord of the Rings is daunting. And the storytelling is fantastic. The popularity of its multiplayer gameplay may be second to none. I only really ever got into the story of Halo 2, the first of the series I had access to. But even just playing the campaign in that one title I was able to appreciate the grande scale of the game.

Attempts have been made before to bring the game to cinema, with Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp working together. Ultimately that effort fell through the cracks, but the efforts let to the creation of District 9, for which we can be ever grateful.

The Last of Us

Full disclosure: I've never played this game because it's only available for play on the PlayStation 3 or 4, but I've heard from those who have tried it that is has one of the best post apocalyptic stories ever created, or that its better than any movie they had seen.

Portal and/or Half Life

Portal and Portal 2 are possibly the best video games I've ever played. They achieved the perfect balance of intrigue, fun, and humor. And they share the same universe as the Half Life series of games, another of my favorite series of games. With games this good, you wonder why even bother bringing them to cinematic format, but then again, if there is any way to enhance or elaborate on the story that the film environment can provide its worth the effort. JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell have flirted at the idea.

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