January 24, 2017


Web Development: Who to Follow

One of the things I've wanted this site to be is sort of a collection of useful links for categories I find interesting. When it comes to web design/development I've come to realize it's less about the links than it is about the people who are shaping the industry. Here are some folks who are most certainly worth following:

Chris Coyier (personal website)(twitter) – Chris works on CSS-Tricks.com which provides tons a great resources for coders.

David Walsh (personal website)(twitter) – David's personal site features some of the coolest demos I've seen. And he has written some very intersting human interest pieces about what it's like to be a developer. I found his post about having 'imposter syndrome' very enlightening.

Lea Verou (personal website)(twitter) – Lea's personal site has lots of useful resources (such as this CSS pattern library). Her CSS book should be required reading for any designer.

Luke W (personal website)(twitter) – Luke W popularized the concept of building website from a mobile first perspective, with this blog post. His blog is worth keeping up with.

Brad Frost (personal website)(twitter) – Brad developed the concept of Atomic Design which is used more and more by companies as they build style guides for their web.

Rachel Nabors (personal website) (twitter) – I went to one of Rachel's CSS animation tutorials and was blown away by her immense knowledge. She has a really great weekly newsletter filled with awesome CSS tips and trends.

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