February 4, 2017


Coding Until 3AM

It's not that unusual to get focused on coding and lose all track of time experimenting with code into the late hours. You keep telling yourself that it'll just take "one more hour" to solve the problem, or finish the design, or complete the article. Then 3AM rolls around and you realize you have a meeting first thing in the morning. I think this happens to a lot of different creative types of professions, but it seems especially prone to coders.

This week I got the urge to redesign this blog, and it's a bit complicated since you're working around bloggers unique elements that dynamically pull in the blog post data. But it's fun to come up with a new design every once in a while. In fact, that set of buttons in my last post was an exercise because I was working on redesigning the buttons for this blog. It's the little details that make all the difference. And those details can becoming overwhelming at times. But if it's what you like to do, then it's worth the payoff of discovering something new.

Below is a screen shot comparing the old design with the new.

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