May 18, 2017


Getting Ready for Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant is finally here! So now’s a good time to catch up on all the related films in both the Alien and Predator franchises...

Movie title/year the film was released/time when majority of film takes place

  • Predator/1987/1987
  • Predator 2/1990/1997 (Bill Paxton is killed by a Predator)
  • The Predator/2018/sometime between 1997 and 2010
  • Alien vs Predator/2004/2004
  • Aliens vs Predator Requiem/2004/2004
  • Predators/2010/2010
  • Prometheus/2012/2093
  • Alien Covenant/2017/2104
  • Alien/1979/2122
  • Aliens/1986/2179 (Bill Paxton is killed by an Alien)
  • Alien3/1992/2179
  • Alien Resurrection/1997/2381

Next year we get to experience a new stand-alone Predator movie. This one, The Predator, is written and directed by Shane Black, who knows a thing or two about film making and Predators seeing as he portrayed one of the characters in the original film, and he's written/directed quite a few quality flicks including the first two Lethal Weapon films, The Nice Guys and Iron Man 3. Interestingly though, if it's true that this film will be set after Predator 2 and before Predators, then this will be the first Predator movie not set in either the current time or the future.

You should certainly check out the teaser Fox put our that bridges the events in Prometheus and Alien Covenant:

And this teaser that shows the crew of the Covenant enjoying a meal together...

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