May 4, 2017


May The Forth And Movie News

Since it's officially Star Wars Day I'm going to just say it: I think Rogue One is maybe the best Star Wars film! The characters are amazing! It's the only prequel to the original that we really need, and it's just a lot of fun. It certainly holds it's own with Empire, and Force Awakens. I am really excited to see The Last Jedi later this year!

In other news, this new trailer for Thor looks really great! I'm happy that it's directed by Taika Waititi who had a demonstrated talent with comedy (Eagle Vs Shark, Flight of the Conchords, What We Do in Shadows).

There is also a new Alien Covenant scene that connects the events of Prometheus with the next movie. This scene looks very intriguing to say the least. I hope Covenant expands on the world of the engineers.

What I'm most excited for really is Guardian's of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which opens tomorrow! I've been looking forward to this ever since I walked out of the theater after seeing Vol. 1.

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