August 22, 2017


Total Eclipse Of My Heart

The total eclipse was without a doubt one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. I feel a conflict of emotions when describing just how awesome the experience was to folks who watched from outside the zone of totality. One one hand: I want them to know how cool it was to experience it in person. On the other hand: I don't want to make them feel sad for being so close to seeing a total eclipse and just barely missing out on the experience. It truly was a surreal, and magical and extraordinary experience that no photo or second hand account can explain.

I tagged along with some friends down to Eastover SC, and fortunately they were able to acquire some official eclipse viewing glasses. We also used a colander and a piece of cardboard with a pinhole to create a visualization of the eclipse.

Unless you're a professional photographer you just can't take a decent photo of the moon or sun, and especially when they are combined in a glorious ring of fire in the night sky. Leave that to the pros. I did take this kinda neat panoramic photo of the area where we were standing under the eclipse.

The Washington Post has a really great interactive map experience that allows you to use your scroll wheel to follow the path of the eclipse across the country. As as web designer/developer, and a map enthusiast, I have to say this takes the cake as one of the coolest web experiences I've ever had!

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